Alisa Maier Missing Girl Found Fenton Missouri


Alisa Maier Missing Girl Found Fenton Missouri – Alisa Maier (Alisa Mayor, Alissa Maier, Alissa Mayor, Alive, Alyssa Maier, Alyssa Mayor) was found alive, wandering in a car wash late last night in Louisiana. She was abducted while playing in the yard at her home, and was found alive, more than 70 miles away, less than a day later.
A witness reportedly saw what he thought was a toddler – a little boy wandering around the Car Wash in a St. Louis suburb, Fenton late at night.

He approached the child, and realized that she was Alisa Maier, a young girl that had been kidnapped earlier in the day.
She was taken to a local hospital for evaluation and she appeared to be in good health and unharmed. Police are still searching for a dark-colored sedan that Alisa’s brother said was involved in the abduction. Officials in the area have urged the unknown suspect to turn himself in.

Officials have said that Maier has recovered from the incident, and is at home doing well.
A dark colored sedan was also seen at the car wash, and is what initially got the attention of the witness. The witness said that the car had a loud muffler, and had hubcaps missing from both of its front wheels.
Now, officials will begin looking for the man who is suspected to have kidnapped the girl. As of now, there is only a very vague description of the individual. He is a white male, with dark hair in his late teens or early 20’s. As of now, police have no motive in the kidnapping.