Tea Partiers: Same Concerns As Republicans


Tea Partiers Same Concerns As Republicans – Recent media coverage on the rising “tea party” which has swept the nation with followers says that the party is virtually identical to the Republican party. Meanwhile, members of the tea party declare themselves as free agents, not following any specific party. However, close analysis reveals that the party has the same basic underlying principles. Polls suggest that as many as 7 out of every 10 tea party followers would describe themselves as “conservative Republicans.” It’s expected that the remaining 3 out of every 10 who were polled that did not describe themselves as Republican are probably the percentage who would rather refer to their political standing as a “free-agent.” However, close to 15 percent of the remaining voters say they are Democratic.

With these results it’s hard to suggest that the Tea Party is not closely related to the Republican Party. With nearly 80 percent of the party siding on the Republican side, clearly stating that they have conservative values it’s hard to suggest otherwise.
The members of the Tea Party are also analyzed on other opinions. A lot of this focuses around the President, Barack Obama. Only 15 percent of the Tea Party members are in favor of the president while there is significantly different result throughout all of America.
When the Tea Party was asked whether or not they would be in acceptance of a generic Republican or generic Democratic Congress the results came in the same. Close to 80% of the Tea Party backers were in favor of a generic Republican Congress.