Paul the Octopus Spain vs Germany World Cup 2010 Pick


Paul the Octopus Spain vs Germany World Cup 2010 Pick – Paul, raised in England has predicted the results of the matches of the World Cup countless times before. Every time, it seems that his predictions are spot on. While he might get the scores slightly twisted, his win-lose predictions have never failed and he’s become renowned for his exciting ability to know the outcome to the games before they happen. However, Paul doesn’t comment on other teams besides Germany. He’s always been exactly right choosing Germany over Australia, Ghana, England and Argentina and even Serbia’s win over Germany.

He’s been doing his predictions since the year of Euro2008 and his only mistake during this time was with Germany to beat Spain in the final that Spain won 1-0. To most, this seems like an excusable mistake in his predictions as everything else has said has been as close to the truth as possible. Well Paul’s fame has started copycats all around the world that insist they know what’s going to happen at the games. Fortunately for us all we don’t have to listen to anyone but the real Paul. However, the media has been giving attention not only to Paul, but the copycats as well. A German news channel even highlighted Paul’s Germany-Spain prediction live which featured two reporters talking about his predictions. This is definitely attention that Paul and nobody else could have predicted.
Some handlers of the psychic octopus at the Aquarium Sea Life in Oberhausen used glass cubes marked with Germany and Spain. Whichever ball Paul chooses is the final prediction for the games. Paul went to the Spain container at first, then the German container but then back to Spain for his final decision. Germany and Spain will square off in Durban on Wednesday.