YouTube Hacked : Justin Bieber a Target?


YouTube Hacked : Justin Bieber a Target? – YouTube suffered a hacking attempt yesterday, and users felt the effects for nearly two hours before Google started to take action against the hackers. They managed to use a flaw in the site that allowed them to redirect viewers of YouTube to adult websites, and even show them popup advertisements through the platform.
As soon as the problem began, Twitter was abuzz with accounts of the effects. Several of Justin Bieber’s most popular videos were targeted. This was likely done to show the advertisements to as many people as possible.

This is the latest event in a series of internet pranks that have involved Justin Bieber-related content. His website was also the target of a joke recently, when hackers placed a poll on the website asking users where Justin Bieber should tour next. There were no restrictions on location, and members of the popular message board 4Chan abused the voting system to place North Korea and Israel at the top of the list.
Google quickly released a Tweet about the problem, saying: “We took swift action to fix a cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability which allows hackers to place code into a site on that was discovered several hours ago.” He then went on to say that the hateful comments that were left on the service were going to be deleted.
Apparently the problem has been taken care of and the hackers can no longer make their way into the inner-workings of the popular video sharing service.