Red White and Boom 2010


Red White and Boom 2010 – Columbus, Ohio will be celebrating Independence Day with Red White and Boom. The fireworks celebration is a well-known spectacle in Ohio, and is one of the most elaborate fireworks displays in the United States. This will be the 30th anniversary of the heralded celebration. Currently, there is no rain in the forecast for the area on the 4th, so hopefully there will be no weather-related complications this year.
From 3PM until midnight, the show will feature the Taste of Boom. The Taste of Boom is a food festival that allows participants to walk around trying different dishes that were made by local individuals and businesses. Walking around the Taste of Boom is a great way to try out new foods and to find restaurants in the area that you were not aware of.
Starting at 6 PM, there will be an Independence Day Parade. The parade will start at Broad Street, and will head north to Front Street before finally ending at Spring Street.

At 7PM, the Columbus Children’s Choir will be heading onto the Long Street Boom Stage at the end of the parade. They are an immaculate group of young singers that are known for their beautiful voices and plentiful talent. At 8:30 PM, The Divide will be headlining on the Genoa Park Stage.
The fireworks show will begin at 10PM and will last for a full 26 minutes. It is one of the most beautiful and elaborate fireworks displays in the USA, and will surely be as great this year as it has been in previous years.