iPhone Death Grip: iPhone 4 Patch On The Way


iPhone Death Grip: iPhone 4 Patch On The Way – The Apple iPhone 4 has received mixed reviews in the cell phone industry. There have been some issues with the phone already and with some serious problems like the famous “death grip” those issues are only getting more complicated. The “death grip” originated when someone discovered on previous iPhone models that if you cuff your iPhone in a particular way you can accidentally reduce the reception your phone receives. The death grip is achieved by using your palm to hold the phone from the bottom of the device. If you hold your phone this way and its become a habit, you might face reception issues every time you make a call. However, the death grip isn’t the only problem with the iPhone 4’s reception. Apple and At&T have received thousands of complaints arguing that consumers are receiving all around poor reception with their new device.

Apple has been persistent with their statements notifying users that it is indeed the “death grip” and not a fault in the hardware of the phone. Some users are looking at the “death grip” situation as a serious fault in the design aspects of the phone. If you can’t grip the iPhone the way you want to then it takes away the personable and reliable feel that iPhone’s have provided for years.
According to an Apple blog insider, there will be a death grip fix coming shortly from Apple. The remedy for the problem is going to reside in a software update for the iPhone OS 4 system. This is great news for all iPhone users as the iPhone OS 4 software is available on previous models as well. Some users blogged that the wrap around antenna that is unique to the iPhone 4 might be the cause for the reception loss via the death grip. However, the same Apple insider clarified for everyone that this is not the cause of the death grip.