Sarah Palin Slams Barack Obama : Obama Selling Out Israel Says Palin


Sarah Palin Slams Barack Obama : Obama Selling Out Israel Says Palin – Sarah Palin has never failed to keep her feelings hush hush regarding Obama and his political decisions. Just as any other politician of another party would, she’s attacking the areas in his decision making that she finds weaknesses. Just this Sunday Palin spoke out against President Barack Obama’s administration. She claims that Obama and the administration within the White House is cowering, surrendering, dismantling the nation as a world leader and selling out our allies and letting them go without proceeding with diplomacy agreements. John McCain, the former running mate for President of the United States accompanied Sarah Palin with her claims. They stood together in front of hundreds of people ion Norfolk. The two vigorously attacked Obama for his decision making with our ally Israel. The conflict regards the naval blockade of Gaza and how we’ve treated the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu Shabbily.

On the 31st of May there was an attack against Palestinian activists by the Israeli naval commandos. They killed nine of the pro-Palestinian supporters and raided a Turkish ship that was set sail for Gaza. This event saw national attention regarding whether Israel should be forced to end its 3 year old blockade.
Sarah Palin also said that Obama didn’t have the ambition to stand up to China and Russia. She stated, “Do they think, really, that we’re getting anything in return for all this bowing and kowtowing and apologizing? No, we don’t get anything positive in return for this. So while President Obama is getting pushed around by the likes of Russia and China, our allies are left to wonder about the value of an alliance with our country any more. They’re asking what is it worth?” Several Republican politicians seemed to take their turns addressing the public with their concerns with Obama’s administration and decision making. They relentlessly targeted issues within the U.S. military and areas of power that Obama has.