Youtube Vuvuzela Button


Youtube Vuvuzela Button – With all of the vuvuzela excitement roaming around, it seems like Youtube has picked up on the hype. The video website has included a new addition to almost every video featured on their website. What is it? Well it’s none other than a small vuvuzela soccer ball icon that appears in the bottom tray below most Youtube videos. While not every video on the website has this new soccer ball addition, most of them have been checked to have it.

If you were to click on the vuvuzela soccer ball you would instantly hear a very loud, disturbing and obnoxious noise begin to play. Even though Youtube is a very well respected community, it seems that the owners (Google) feel comfortable with adding such things to the site. Even if your video is no longer playing and has finished, the soccer ball will still continue to make the noise. However, you can stop the sound by clicking the soccer ball. As long as you don’t watch videos loudly then you shouldn’t be too terrified of the sound when it goes off.

The vuvuzela soccer ball feature has been vigorously tested and you can find and play the videos for yourself on the Youtube website. Despite the sound being annoying in my opinion, it was still an interesting addition to some of the videos. I assume that the feature won’t be available for very long so you might as well enjoy it while it’s around. It sort of felt like being in South Africa and watching the game in person. I do suggest you give it a try although don’t expect to hear much of your video with the vuvuzela playing!