Sarah Palin Toxic?


Sarah Palin Toxic? – It has become commonplace to talk about the influence that endorsements from former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin have. It seems like everyone that she decides to back goes on to win the election. However, in the last few days, some sites have started to speculate that perhaps her endorsement is not as lucky as everyone thinks that it is. In fact, a recent Wall Street Journal poll stated that an endorsement from Sarah Palin can be viewed as a clear negative for that individual.

Pollers were asked how they’d respond to various attributes a candidate would have in a hypothetical circumstance. When they were asked how they would feel if the candidate was endorsed by Sarah Palin; 8% said they would be enthusiastic, 17% said they would be comfortable, 15% said they would have reservations, and 37% said they would be uncomfortable with her endorsement of their candidate.

52% of the pollers reacted completely negatively to the survey. So, perhaps her endorsement is not the good luck charm that many have said that it is. Her influence on the political world is certainly there, and she is a popular figure, but does that translate into success for the people that she endorses? Only trial and error will tell us whether or not her endorsement means anything in the long run. It did appear to help the candidates in the primaries recently, but primaries and the general election are a completely different ballgame. A Sarah Palin endorsement would certainly scare off many turncoat democratic voters who were not fond of Palin.