Toronto Earthquake:Canada Earthquake


Toronto Earthquake:Canada Earthquake – Ottawa, Canada suffered an earthquake earlier today, according to reports. The quake took place at around 1:45 PM today, on June 23, 2010. The quake reportedly registered a 5.0 on the Richter scale, making it a fairly sizable quake for the region.
As soon as the temblor hit, residents took to twitter to announce and discuss it with their friends on the service. A number of individuals reported that there were heavy shakes in a numerous buildings, and the reports continued to file in across Ottawa.
The Globe and Mail claimed that the quake was also felt in some areas of Buffalo, New York as well.

The region is not all that used to experiencing earthquakes, and would likely notice even the smallest amount of ground movement. Other cities that felt the quake include Boston, Cleveland and Chicago.
One person said that while working in Ann Arbor, he experienced two 10 second seism.The quake is an unexpected jolt to a region that is not used to having to deal with earthquakes.

With the quake being centered in an area that is surrounded by so many big cities, it is interesting to see a quake felt in so many different locations at the same time. Reports also came in from Cincinnati, Kalamazoo, Staten Island, and Pittsburgh. The quake was felt for a very long time throughout these regions.