Desiree Fontaine Shoplifting Reporter?


Desiree Fontaine Shoplifting Reporter? – Desiree Fontaine, a popular television personality from New Haven, Connecticut was recently charged with shop lifting. She allegedly stole a $104.98 bottle of perfume, and attempted to leave before she was stopped by security at the Milford Mall.
She was released without arrest after she agreed to appear for her court date on July 7th. Her Twitter account has not seen any updates since the alleged shoplifting took place, which is uncharacteristic of her, as she usually is very active on the popular social networking platform.
The last Tweet that she did send, said, “good morning Saturday sunshine-I’m ready to play!” .
The incident reportedly took place later in the day, presumably after she published the update to her Twitter account.

Desiree Fontaine

She has not commented on the story or responded to any inquiries by media sources regarding the incident. The ABC affiliate station that she works for has not commented on the story as of yet either, and will likely wait for her to release a public statement on her own.
She first joined WTNH in September 2007. She has worked there as a traffic reporter and the lone host of “Connecticut Style.”
Shoplifting, even among the famous, is not all that rare of an occurrence. Many remember when Winona Ryder was caught shoplifting several hundred dollars’ worth of clothing, and the subsequent court case that followed. While Desiree Fontaine is not a nationally recognized figure, it is still strange to see someone of such high profile stealing, when they clearly have the money to make a legitimate purchase of the items.