Brazilian Samba Dancing Baby Luiz Otavio


Brazilian Samba Dancing Baby Luiz Otavio – A recent video of a dancing Brazilian baby named Luiz Otavio has taken the internet by storm. The young boy has obviously had some sort of coaching from his parents on how to dance to the native sounds of his country. He is seen dancing on the kitchen table, and by all accounts the baby can really break it down. The baby seems to be dancing the Samba to a number of different latin-influenced songs that are playing in the background of the video. He certainly should have a spot on a number of different reality television shows that feature dancing, as he is a better performer than many of the contestants.

Some have said that the video appears to be doctored by a computer or some sort , but that would be quite a bit of editing. The clip seems to be genuine, and the baby seems to really be dancing as it is shown in the video. It is undoubtedly cute, and that is the reason why the video has been able to garner over 30,000 views in such a short period of time, and continues to quickly spread across the Internet.
The video does not look as if it were doctored, and the dance moves shown by the baby appear to be genuine. It will be interesting to see in the coming days whether more information about the cute young dancing baby is made available.