Ocotillo Ca Earthquakes Today


Ocotillo Ca Earthquakes Today – An earthquake measuring 5.7 rocked southern California and was felt in the Los Angeles area Monday at around 9:30 pm local time, according to the Center U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) . Several aftershocks of 3.2 and 3.9 magnitude followed but no casualties were reported.

The epicenter of the quake has been located 8km southeast of Ocotillo, near the US-Mexico border. A slight tremor was felt in Los Angeles, Long Beach and Orange County. The quake caused a brief interruption during a football game in San Diego.

A series of earthquakes hit Southern California last weekend. Experts consider these quakes to be aftershocks of the Baja California, Mexico, earthquake of magnitude 7.2 that killed two people and wounded over 230 people back in April.