New Arizona Immigration Bill Target Anchor Babies


New Arizona Immigration Bill Target Anchor Babies – As the immigration debate heats up, some have raised concerns that the recent Arizona immigration law would hurt children as well. The author of the bill that allows officers to ask for proof of lawful presence inside of the United States is attempting to produce a new bill that will cause even more problems between the two opposite sides. As the law currently says, children are given citizenship in the US whenever they are born here, regardless of the status of their parents.

This new bill would change that, and would deny citizenship to babies that are born on US soil to illegal parents. A number of birth certificates are handed out each and every day to what he calls “anchor babies”, and he would like to stop that from happening. 

“How the hell are they going to try to keep us from being citizens, when half of them came on ships and started this country,” said Steven Banuelos.
His parents had been living illegally in the US for many years when he was born. His parents were able to get him citizenship, and he believes that the new law would go against the constitution.

Some have argued that the law makes it hard for people to support it, when it so openly contradicts the 14th amendment of the constitution. The bill will likely find very little support when it is introduced, and a legal fight will ensue in the wake of the passing of the bill, assuming that it does get passed.