Chicago Housing Authority:CHA Public Housing Waiting List


Chicago Housing Authority:CHA Public Housing Waiting List – In the first time in a decade, the Chicago Housing Authority is going to make their public housing available to the Family Housing Wait List. The list has been closed since 1999, when the demand simply became too much for them to meet. They will be conducting an education campaign in conjunction with the opening of the wait list to prepare for the registration process. You will be able to register for the wait list between June 14 and July 9 2010. There are many people who are going to be able to apply for the housing, as long as they meet the predetermined criteria.

CHA has also made educational information available online for individuals that may be interested in the public housing program. With the wait list opening for the first time in ten years, many people are likely not up to speed on the procedure and the requirements for everyone who attempts to make use of the program. They will also be able to register online for the program. The registration is available in a number of different languages including English, Chinese, Polish, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Tagalog and Vietnamese. This will help bilingual individuals fill out a form that they can best understand in order to improve the speed of the process.

Registering online is the quickest way to make use of the program. This is an important time in the history of the organization. The changes in the economic status in the state and city have made it so changes like this are necessary to keep things moving steadily.