Sarah Palin Breast Implants:Sarah Palin Boob-gate Response


Sarah Palin Breast Implants:Sarah Palin Boob-gate Response – Recent speculation has stated that Sarah Palin, at one point in her lifetime, was the recipient of breast implants. With a rumor going around for so long, she apparently thought that it was a good idea to address the situation so that she can put it to rest. In a statement that Palin made in an interview with Greta van Susteren, she was asked if she had ever received breast implants before . “No, I have not had implants,” she said in response to the question. “A report like that is about as real and truthful as reports that my husband and I are divorcing or that I bought a place in the Hampton or that my son is not my own child.” A number of rumors about Palin have followed her since she became heavily involved in politics, and ran for the Vice Presidential position alongside John McCain.

Sarah Palin boob job

The scandal, which has been aptly named “boob gate” is one of the most circulated stories that have surfaced in recent years.
Palin made it clear that the story is not true, and that she hopes that it will die down now that she has addressed it. Often times politicians will ignore these stories in hopes that they go away, but in ignoring them they make the problem worse.