Arizona Immigration Law Forces Hispanics Out


Arizona Immigration Law Forces Hispanics Out – Hispanic are leaving Arizona in thousands after the passing of the recent immigration reform law by the state. Many of them left immediately after the passing of the bill. Some waited around to see what happened in the aftermath, and then chose to leave when they saw that none of the politicians in the state were backing down from their original stances on the matter.

In the Balsz Elementary School District, a school district that is 75% Hispanic, reported that 70 students left the school within a month of the bill passing. There are many things that have happened as a result of the law, and we continue to see many changes in the Hispanic community.

The controversial law has received support from many different politicians. Sarah Palin, who is in support of the law, recently attacked President Barack Obama regarding his stance on it, saying that he was not doing what it takes to ensure that our borders are not crossed by illegal immigrants.

Arizona also saw a sharp decline in the businesses that serve the Hispanic community within the state. This shows that the remaining immigrants are likely holding onto their cash in anticipation for a move out of the state. The chamber of commerce states that there are nearly 400 first generation Hispanic business owners in the state. The passing of the law has likely affected all of them in a negative way.
President Barack Obama met with officials in the state to discuss how they could work together to find a solution to the on going problem.