iPhone 4G AT&T:No Verizon iPhone


iPhone 4G AT&T:No Verizon iPhone – Search terms relating to the new iPhone have been exploding in the wake of the announcement of the iPhone 4 (yes, not the iPhone 4G, or the iPhone HD, the iPhone 4). There is a lot of contradictory information on the Internet from speculation articles that were released prior to the announcement, and some users are having a hard time understanding exactly what the benefits of the upgrade include. Aside from a sleeker, more professional design that does look similar to the previous design, the phone has a number of other improvements that will make the phone easier to use and more efficient.

Among these improvements including a smaller, lighter, and slimmer handset. A five mega pixel camera that will also include flash. The iPhone 4 will also feature a glass back that will improve the reception of the phone, a complaint that many users had issued regarding the phones predecessors. The phone also has A4 processors, the same ones that are used in the iPad, which will create a much faster phone for all users.

The screen will be larger, and will be much sharper than any previous iPhone screen. This is great news for iPhone gamers and anyone who watches a substantial amount of video on the their iPhone.

The battery life for the phone will also be improved, and the phone will come pre loaded with the iChat software which will allow the user to video chat with other iPhone’s and with desktop macs.
The phone will only come in two models, the 32GB and the 64GB.

Sorry for some of you out there ,the 4G phone will not be on Sprint because Apple has an exclusive deal with AT&T, reportedly through 2012.