Sarah Palin Iowa 2012? Palin Endorses Terry Branstad


Sarah Palin Iowa 2012? Palin Endorses Terry Branstad – Sarah Palin endorsed moderate Terry Branstad yesterday in the race to be Iowa’s governor. Palin had previously been known to only endorse candidates that shared her values, and also candidates that she thought were on the rise and could help her in the upcoming presidential election. While she has not yet announced that she is running, she has made it very apparent through her actions.

Some have speculated that if she would like to win the election in 2012, she would need Iowa to do so. By supporting the candidate that is most likely going to win in the state, she is setting herself up for the victory there. She will be able to say that she supported him all along, and will be able to win the favor of the citizens within the state through her endorsement of the most popular politician in Iowa.

It is surprising that Palin would choose to side with someone that does not share her political views. Both Palin and Branstad have very different ideas on public programs, immigration, the tea party protests and how the country should be handling their economic problems.

With many considering Iowa to be the key to the upcoming presidential election, Palin is making strides toward setting herself up for her run. Through her constant presence giving speeches, through her very public endorsements, Palin is building her self a solid foundation of favors for the upcoming presidential election.