Immigration Reform 2010 Dead


Immigration Reform 2010 Dead – Immigration Reform is likely dead, according to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. He is apparently focusing on energy reform instead of immigration, according to recent reports. This is will not be received well by some who wanted for the immigration reform to happen here soon. Instead of looking to reform the entire system, Reid is reportedly going to be focusing on a number of proposals that have been brought up in the past, in hopes that he will be able to gain bipartisan support. There are many different proposals out there regarding immigration reform, but not all of them will easily drum up bipartisan support.

The Dream Act, which is a piece of legislation that is sponsored by Dick Durbin and Dick Lugar would place illegal immigrants who came to the country when they were children on a path that would eventually guide them toward permanent residence and citizenship.

The other proposal that is being heavily considered is the Ag Jobs bill. The bill would allow illegal farm workers and individuals that are illegal that work in the agriculture industry to obtain a temporary status int he country, with help and guidance to help them, someday, become permanent residents.
There has been a lot of debate regarding the issue after Arizona passed their recent anti-immigration bill. The bill allows for police officers to demand immigration paperwork from individuals that they deem as ‘suspicious.’ Detractors of the law have stated that the law will only lead to more racial profiling and is unconstitutional.