Arizona Elementary School Mural Controversy:Prescott Arizona Mural Race Drama


Arizona Elementary School Mural Controversy:Prescott Arizona Mural Race Drama – A mural that was recently placed at a public school in Prescott, Arizona, is garnering a lot of attention and debate from the media.R.E. Wall who painted the mural has said that the tableau was made to display diversity at the elementary school, but the principal asked the mural artist to paint the faces of the kids in the painting a lighter color.

The controversy was sparked when a city Councilman named Steve Blair addressed the mural on his radio show, wondering aloud exactly why the school sitting at the largest intersection on town features the face of what he described as a “black person.”

The state has been under increased racial tension following the passing of an immigration bill that allows officers to ask individuals for their immigration documentation when they are deemed as “suspicious.” The artist said that he did not take color into consideration when painting the mural, and instead was thinking more about the meaning behind the picture. He was reportedly offended when the principal asked him to change the color of the individuals in the mural.

The city councilman who made the comments that sparked the controversy has defended himself in recent days, saying that his remarks were not meant to be about race and that he would like to apologize if he offended anyone. Others have stated that they feel that asking the artist to change the painting is censorship of the arts. The race debate continues to heat up in the highly controversial state.

Jeff Lane, the principal of Miller Valley Elementary School, and Kevin Kapp, the school superintendent have apologized for accepting the racists’ ways of seeing things and have revealed that painting will be restored to its original theme which was by the way: DIVERSITY.