Sarah Palin Gulf Oil Spill:Blames Environmentalists For Gulf Oil Disaster


Sarah Palin Gulf Oil Spill:Blames Environmentalists For Gulf Oil Disaster – You heard that right you tree-hugging, lettuce munching environmentalists, the 15 thousand barrels of oil spewing into the Gulf of Mexico every single day is totally caused by you!

The charismatic former Governor of Alaska evidently understands the required steps in order to resolve our own country’s energy troubles. In fact, her Facebook page content makes it quite clear that she’s blaming “radical environmentalists’ as the main cause of this disaster a mile underneath the ocean.

“Intense deep water drilling is absolutely not the recommended solution to fulfill our nation’s energy requirements. Sarah admonishes radical environmentalists by pointing out that their protests and legal cases as well as lies about “onshore” and “shallow water” drilling completely closed any other less hazardous locations. Now, It’s coming back to haunt you.The devastating, unparalleled deep water Gulf of Mexico oil spill testifies that this is the case.

Sarah Palin asserts those environmentalists who are every where arguing against the issue of meeting our county’s energy needs are the exact culprits influencing public policy enough to block oil drilling in any “safe” regions such as the Alaska Natural Wildlife Reserve that could finally free the United States from its reliance on foreign oil.

Absolutely yes! At fault are the particular activists who are obviously the initiators of many thousands of gallons of oil to devastate the waters of Gulf of Mexico. It is most certainly not the malfunction of the mechanism designed to prevent a blowout that has been presumably ignored just weeks prior to the calamady by an official representing the drilling company, Transocean. No, It could actually not have been the decision to not ever make use of or demand an acoustic switch to be a back-up to the blowout prevent malfunction. Not to mention, any kind of alleged neglectfulness Transocean’s part. British Petroleum as well as the Minerals Management Service, both of which are accountable for regulatory offshore drilling of this variety, is never mentioned.

Seriously, merely pin the consequence on those Eco-environmental warriors.

Sarah Palin said: “Radical environmentalists: you’re destroying planet earth with all your efforts to shut out less dangerous drilling locations. Absolutely nothing is associated with clean air and green energy with your misdirected, silly radicalism. People in America have your number as we all question your genuine ulterior motives.”