Miley Cyrus Kissing A Girl Britain’s Got Talent


Miley Cyrus Kissing A Girl Britain’s Got Talent – Controversy was provoked in Europe when Miley Cyrus simulated kissing a backup dancer in a lesbian fashion. This performance was made live on a TV show broadcast in Britain.
Miley Cyrus who is just 17 years old had been asked to sing her brand-new single Can’t Be Tamed on the Britain’s Got Talent show in sight of Simon Cowel, the show’s creator and colleague judge Piers Morgan this past Thursday evening.

She stunned viewers of this family-friendly television series by showing off a slutty skit whereby the girl strolled onto stage wearing a skimpy basque and fishnet stockings. In her routine, she went through the motions of kissing a female backup dancer.

During her performance, at one point, a male dancer groped at the young artist’s breasts. She promptly shoved his hand aside feigning astonishment.

The previous weekend,Cyrus again stunned fans while performing at an event in Lisbon, Portugal. She wore a tight-clinging leotard on the stage this time. Only last month she filmed a video displaying her dirty dancing routine with a 44-year-old motion picture producer inside a bar.

Miley Cyrus is presently traveling on a publicity tour throughout Europe to advertise her impending album, Can’t Be Tamed. This album is scheduled for release in the middle of June.