Cadium McDonalds Shrek Glass Recall


Cadium McDonalds Shrek Glass Recall – The fast food empire that is McDonald’s was recently forced to recall millions of Shrek glasses that were handed out by the company. The response to the recall was so huge that the company website appeared to go down for quite a period of time. The recall is happening because the 12 million glasses are tainted with cadmium. This is not good news for the company, and could lead to potentially dangerous results if left alone.

Customers should stop using the glasses immediately. However, they should not be thrown away. McDonald’s has stated that they would like the glasses returned to them, and will pay for the refund in cash, and not in restaurant credits. However, the company has not said exactly how much they will be paying each individual customer for the glasses. The company has set up a page on their website specifically for the recall to help assist customers.

Receipts will not be required for the refund, according to the CPSC spokeswoman Patty Davis. Keep in mind that you will not be able to return the glasses to the store locations. Instead, the company has set up another process that allows customers to get rid of the glasses in a safe manner.

Part of the reason for the mystery may be attributed to the fact that an anonymous tip led the company to discover that there was cadmium in the cartoon characters. While there is no reason to believe that any criminal act has been committed, it is always better not to show your hand before playing your cards.