Nevada Unemployment Benefits Delay


Nevada Unemployment Benefits Delay – The unemployment rate in Nevada has soared past previous records in the month of April, according to reports newly released by the Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation. The state’s unemployment rate is now sitting at a whopping 13.7%, higher than the previous estimates. Recent reports have stated that the unemployment rate is likely closer to 14.2%, shattering earlier estimates and previous records.

The national unemployment rate currently sits just a notch below 10%. The only state that consistently has reported a higher unemployment rate is Michigan, which has been severely affected by the troubles seen in the auto industry. It is surprising that the Nevada unemployment rate is so high, especially in Las Vegas where there are many jobs to be had but also many people competing for the jobs.
The jobs that have previously been available at casinos appear to have dried up, and the construction and government jobs continue to be cut. The industry in Vegas is considered to be weak at the moment, even though employment in the gaming industry has steadily increased month after month. Construction had previously been the bread and butter for the state, but even that industry has seen their number of jobs continually shrink.
Because of skydiving tax revenue, the local government has also begun to shed jobs and cut back on spending. The local government has slashed over 5% of the jobs that they once offered, and that number continues to grow. Job losses will likely continue in that realm in the coming weeks and months. The effects from the recession continue to hurt states.

Update: a glitch Delayed Nevada unemployment benefits, the matter is expected to be resolved rapidly.