Arizona Immigration Law Rallies


Arizona Immigration Law Rallies – The Arizona immigration law has drawn large crowds in rallies and protests over the course of the last few weeks. Some of these protests have even taken place in Arizona, where citizens are the most upset over the new changes to the immigration laws within the state. Recently, tens of thousands of protesters marched nearly five miles toward the state capital in an effort to show their disapproval for the immigration bill. While there has been no exact number pinned on the size of the crowd, the protest is easily the largest that the state has seen since the bill was signed into law over a month ago.

The law states that officers can ask to see documentation regarding status in the country from individuals that they deem to be ‘suspicious.’ The law has caught a serious amount of backlash, with many of the protesters claiming that the law will lead to even more racial profiling. There are many well known critics of the bill, including President Barack Obama who recently commissioned the Department of Justice to look into the legality of the law. Obama has publicly said that he believes that immigration is a topic that needs to be governed at the national level, and not at the state level.

The Justice Department will more than likely be challenging the law in court before it has a chance to go into effect. The law is currently scheduled to go into effect on July 29, but that could change depending on how the government decides to tackle the problem. During the march a number of individuals spoke on loud speakers, shouting their disapproval of the law in front of thousands of protesters.