Obama Administration Arizona Immigration Law Suit?


Obama Administration Arizona Immigration Law Suit? – The Department of Justice informed law makers in Arizona that they had serious reservations about the recent immigration law that the state had passed. However, they also said that they do not believe that a lawsuit against the state is the answer to the question at hand. They have been investigating the law since it was first passed and signed by the Governor of the state, who said that she thought that the law would save the state millions of dollars every year. The federal government seems to think that immigration should be treated as a federal issue, and that 50 separate immigration laws in each and every state is not going to be the way to go.

The Justice Department was fairly straight forward in their feelings about the law, stating that there had to be an alternative to the recent law that was passed. President Obama himself has expressed reservations over the legislation and immediately had the Department of Justice investigate the matter. The law will take effect on July 29, assuming that everything in the current situation is left unchanged. There are currently 5 lawsuits that have been filed and are pending that will challenge the law once it goes into effect.
It is assumed that the state will adhere to the wishes of the Justice Department, whatever they may be. However, the state has been able to prove a point throughout the process and has made the issue come to the forefront of current political discussions. In response to the recent tension revolving around immigration, President Obama sent a number of national guard forces to the border to help secure the borders, limit the drug running that takes place at the American-Mexican border, and to ensure that illegal immigrants are not having free walks across the border into the country.