Guatemala Volcano Eruption:Guatemala Volcan News


Guatemala Volcano Eruption:Guatemala Volcan News – At least three people have been killed in a volcano eruption in Guatemala, according to recent reports. Two of the dead were villagers who lived in a nearby village. All three of the individuals that have been confirmed dead so far were crushed by rocks and falling debris from the eruption. The eruption was not large enough to send any hot lava material, but was large enough to fire a number of large rocks and boulders toward the nearby villages. The Pacaya volcano is 18 miles to the south of Guatemala city. It has been erupting since Thursday afternoon and has continued to spill lava, ash, and soot onto the outlying land.

The President said that the nation was in a state of calamity for the next 18 days, and urged all of those who were in the danger area to remain indoors and out of the way from falling debris. A great deal of ash has fallen over the city’s capital, prompting some residents to leave town until the situation has calmed down. An additional four individuals were missing after the evacuations of nearby cities took place.

At least 1,800 individuals have been placed in shelters. Only four outlying villages near the volcano have been evacuated so far, but more could be in the coming days if the situation worsens. One nearby airport, La Aurorora International Airport, has been closed until further notice due to the ash buildup on the runway.
A number of flights that usually come into the airport have been diverted to nearby airports. If you are planning on flying into the country, it is important that you know whether or not your flight has been cancelled, and if it has not, you should check to see where the flight will be landing in the country.