Barack Obama Sends National Guard US-Mexico Border


Barack Obama Sends National Guard US-Mexico Border – U.S. President Barack Obama recently announced that he will be sending nearly 1,200 troops to the border of Mexico to help ease tension over the recent immigration legislation. the President has been under significant pressure to take action in the situation, and has opted to intervene by sending a number of U.S. troops to the border. He will also be requesting upwards of $500 million in border protection and law enforcement at the border.
This action comes on the heels of the recently passed Arizona immigration law that has received a considerable amount of attention in recent weeks. Obama has been attempting to pass some sort of immigration reform, but has found it difficult with some campaign seasons right around the corner. Obama has said that he did not agree with the bill that was passed in Arizona, and said that he thought the country should be looking to do something on a federal level, instead of having individual states pass laws concerning immigration.

He spoke several times during his presidential campaign regarding his want to institute some sort of immigration reform, but has found it increasingly hard, with many state representatives and congress members not wanting any piece of such a controversial subject before election season.
The troops that will be sent to the border are National Guard troops, and will be working on intelligence, surveillance and recon support in the area. They are hoping to block a number of drug trafficking rings and will help border patrol agents to ensure that illegal immigrants do not cross the border, for the time being. This move has been pushed by Obama’s former opponent and presidential candidate John McCain in recent weeks.