Lady Gaga New Album News


Lady Gaga New Album News – She may still be on tour promoting her second album, but that doesn’t mean that Lady Gaga is not already thinking about her third, according to reports. Recently, in an interview with The Times of London, Lady Gaga touched on a number of very deep topics including life, love, health, wealth and religion. Many of the subjects Gaga had never publicly commented on before, but apparently felt the need to address for her fan base.

“You know when people say, if you could say one sentence about who you are, what your life is,’ it’s that. For the whole album,” Gaga told the paper regarding her upcoming release of her third studio album, an album which has not yet been titled. “Because I recently had this, miracle-like experience, where I feel much more connected to god.”

When she was asked to clarify what she meant with that statement, Gaga made it clear that on her new album she would be discussing these topics at great length. She was brought up to be Christian by her parents, but has since said that she believes that religion is in each individuals heart, and is not something that we worship as a whole. She said that her next album would be much more spiritual, and touch on a wider variety of subjects. No doubt she will still have her dance hits scattered throughout the album, but it would be refreshing to hear Gaga comment on something a little more important.