Lost Season Finale Explanation:2010 Lost Ending


Lost Season Finale Explanation:2010 Lost Ending – After six seasons on the air, thousands of fans around the world said a long goodbye to Lost, the program that revolutionized TV thanks to its mix of drama, action, suspense and science fiction.

Once a upon a time the series had permanent plots and viewers were always left with a cliffhanger that would make their brains freeze, yes it was that good.
Last night during the two-hour and a half hour finale more questions were raised about the lives of plane crash survivors on a mysterious Pacific island compared to the answers that were given.

In the emotional episode , the writers managed to raise more questions than explanations, which is never a good thing for a finale.
However we did get few pieces of the puzzle thanks to Christian Shephard who more or less explained to his son Jack (and the viewers) that the characters lived on the island and when they died, their spirits step into heaven after letting go of their pain and anger.

Most fans of the series have stated that they feel cheated, robbed and insulted by the finale.
For the simplest reason, many of the wild things that happened over the last 6 years, like Dharma, Widmore’s boat, or the time travel stuff were not explained.
The only upsides were the fact that we got to see almost everyone one last time and enjoyed some excellent special effects and wonderful acting.

In conclusion after wasting 6 years on that series we are still lost.