Arizona Immigration Law SB1070 Text


Arizona Immigration Law SB1070 Text – A recent development in the ongoing immigration reform debate comes from a top official who claims that the federal government may choose to not process illegals who have been referred to them by Arizona. The statement comes from assistant secretary of homeland security for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, John Morton. The comment was made on Wednesday, when Morton was meeting with the editorial board from the Chicago Tribune.

He went on to say that he did not feel that the law would be the solution to the immigration problems that we have seen in recent weeks.

He said that the best way to deal with the problem is not through individual state laws which can get confusing and go overboard, as the one in Arizona has, but to come up with workable comprehensive reform at the federal level. President Obama recently ordered the Department of Justice to take a look at the law that recently passed in Arizona, that states that police officials will be able to request documents from individuals that they consider to be suspicious.
“The review will inform the government’s actions going forward,” said the DHS spokesperson, Matt Chandler on Fox News.

Morton started working federally in 1994, and has held a large number of positions within the Department of Justice. He began working as a trial attorney, and later moved up to become the special assistant to the general counsel in the Naturalization and Immigration Service.

Arizona currently has an estimated 500,000 illegal individuals living within the borders of the state. The state has seen a number of people flee their homes in the wake of the recent bill, so that number may be steadily dropping. Opposition to the bill has been country wide, with demonstrations taking place in several large cities in recent weeks, including in Los Angeles.

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