Pac-Man 30th Anniversary Game Google


Pac-Man 30th Anniversary Game Google – Google has been known to highlight holidays and important anniversaries on their homepage by changing their logo to a logo that contains elements that relates to the given holiday. Today, Google is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Pac Man game. At first glance, the logo change appears to be like any other that they have had before. The word “Google” still appears in their logo, but this time as walls in the Pac Man game. The one change that the company made today is that if the viewer clicks on the logo, they are actually able to play the Pac Man game on the Google homepage, just as they would on a arcade machine nearly 30 years ago when the game was first released.

Another additional change that was made to their web page, was the removal of the “Feeling Lucky” button that usually brings up the first result in the Google Search Results. Instead, the button has been replaced with a “Insert Coins” button that allows the user to continue playing the game of Pac Man that takes up the portion of the page where the logo is usually placed after they have a game over.

The changes to the homepage have gone viral, and have constantly been among the top results both in Google Trends and in Twitter’s Trending Topics. Chatter about the gaming addition to their homepage has been prevalent around the web since the logo first changed this morning. there is no word on who currently holds the high score in the game since it first went live in the early hours this morning.