Lady Gaga Philip Treacy Internship


Lady Gaga Philip Treacy Internship – Lady Gaga recently submitted a resume to London milliner Phillip Treacy. Lady Gaga is reportedly attempting to intern for him this summer. A rep for Treacy confirmed that they had received the resume, saying that the resume was serious in tone but was still “pretty funny” overall. A number of different media outlets have asked to see the resume that Lady Gaga turned in, but Treacy has not obliged this requests. Treacy is known for making the hats that Lady Gaga often wears during her music videos, award show appearances, and stage performances that she is so well known for.

Treacy receives many requests for internships every year. The spokesperson claimed that you have to have a fair amount of experience, and be very quick on your feet to receive the highly sought after internship with his company. Gaga does not have a major in fashion, but still would like to work for Treacy as an intern.

“She really wants to learn fashion,” said Treacy’s PR Agent. Surprising, considering that Lady Gaga is considered by many to be the most wildly fashionable celebrity currently, in the same vein as Elton John.
When asked if she would be receiving the internship, the spokesperson responded, “We’ll see.” It is highly unlikely that Lady Gaga is too serious about her request, as she recently announced her world tour that will be pushing fairly deep into the summer.