GE Coffee Maker Recall 2010


GE Coffee Maker Recall 2010 – Walmart recently issued a recall on a GE coffee marker, prompting stock to take a nose dive during trading hours today.The company is currently the largest retailer in the world, and the recall affects a reported 900,000 units.The recall was original issued after the company received a report from the Consumer Product Safety Commission that stated that they had received nearly 100 reports of incidents’ where the coffee machine had overheated, smoked or melted. In some extreme cases, the coffee maker was hot enough to catch fire.

Some users of the GE coffee machine were treated for minor burns after they touched the machine, or attempted to put out flames. The areas that were burned include hands, torso, and feet. The only property damage that has been reported in connection with the GE coffee machines are a large kitchen fire, and numerous cases of damaged counter tops and cabinets.

The machine sold at Walmart for around $30. GE distributed the item, but the item was manufactured by a Chinese company that was reportedly working under the GE license. In 1984, GE sold their small appliances division to Black & Decker, but the company does continue to outsource, and license their brand to a number of other manufacturers, including the company that is responsible for the machine recall.
The model numbers included in the recall are 169164, and 169165.

Stock fell nearly 6 percent when the news was first released. The stock did make a rebound before the end of the day, but still was down just over 4 percent from yesterday’s close.