Pennsylvania Primary Election 2010:Arlen Specter Lost To Joe Sestak


Pennsylvania Primary Election 2010:Arlen Specter Lost To Joe Sestak – Two democrats that will be going head to head in a primary contest in Pennslvania today are Senator Arlen Specter and Representative Joe Sestak. Governor Ed Rendell recently stated that he thinks that Specter deserves the nod in the primary.
“He’s one of the most impactful, probably the most impactful, senator in the state’s history,” Rendell said. “Why would we lose him?”

Sestak recently ran a very effective campaign ad titled “The Switch,” which alleges that Specter switched parties only so he could win the election again. Rendell did not agree with the message that was delivered in the ads, saying, “His switch in parties was a courageous switch because he knew when he voted for the stimulus plan that he was signing his death warrant as a Republican.”

Rendell will be campaigning for Specter, but President Obama has been nowhere to be found this primary season.
Rendell also recently challenged the significance of the Tea Party movement. He claimed that it’s more hype than hope.
“Scott Brown didn’t win because of the Tea Party, Scott Brown won because of the economy and because he was a great candidate and because our candidate [Martha Coakley] didn’t perform well,” Rendell said.

Rendell added that he felt that the turnout at the Tea Party rallies was not all that telling of the political situation in the country today.

Update : Rep. Joe Sestak has managed to beat five-term Sen. Arlen Specter (D-Pa.) in the Democratic primary on Tuesday night.