Immigration Reform At Obama-Calderon Meeting


Immigration Reform At Obama-Calderon Meeting – With health care reform in our rear view, immigration has quickly risen to the height of many Americans lists in terms of importance. It also appears that the subject may be gracing the top of the President’s list as well. The immigration debate continues to be a topic of conversation in the United States and abroad. President Barack Obama will be meeting with Felipe Calderon to discuss what they plan to do regarding immigration reform, and how both countries could work together to make the process as smooth as possible.

Immigration has been a source of tension in both countries for quite some time. The recent Arizona immigration legislation that gives officers the ability to ask for documentation from any individual that they deem as ‘suspicious’ has caused a number of protests across the country. Caleron is facing pressure from a number of Mexican lawmakers who would like the country to break all ties with Arizona. He said that his country had issued a travel warning about Arizona, saying that the environment was politically not sound for Mexican tourists.

The two leaders will discuss border security. They are hopeful that they will be able to build on their meeting from a year ago, when they discussed how they should handle the border, and how they can open new border crossings, and invest in upgrading the current border crossings to make the process easier on both sides of the border.

The two leaders have met 12 times since Obama first took office. Their most recent meeting was in Mexico City. They also saw each other at the North American Leaders Summit, which was held in Guadalajara in August. Another topic that will likely be discussed is the ongoing drug war between Mexican cartels and gangs. Violence has escalated in recent weeks.