Jessica Colotl Kennesaw State University Illegal Immigrant


Jessica Colotl Kennesaw State University Illegal Immigrant – Jessica Colotl goes to Kennesaw State University, and recently launched an intense debate regarding illegal immigration. She studies political science and has dreamed of becoming a lawyer. A number of traffic violations sent her straight to the middle of the nationwide debate on illegal immigration. Her family came to America, undocumented from Mexico, when she was only eleven years old. She was arrested toward the end of March for driving without a license. She was later turned over to immigration officials who threw her in an Alabama detention center, and that was only the beginning of her problems.

Kennesaw State officials, along with a number of her sorority sisters campaigned on her behalf. Colotl was released last week. Federal officials have said that they will not take action in her case for the next year, which will allow her to complete her classes. This has angered some, who believe that she should not receive special treatment over any other individual who would like to get out of their detention center after being placed there by immigration officers.

Cobb County Sheriff Neil Warren also obtained a warrant for her arrest on Wednesday. He claims that the young woman lied about her arrest when she was initially booked to jail. This would be a felony, as lying to law enforcement is considered to be a felony within the state.
Colotl, if convicted of the felony charge, would make it impossible for any judge to agree to the deferral of her current case. Her lawyer has stated that he thinks the charges against her will be dismissed.