Britney Spears New Album:Going Alternative?


Britney Spears New Album:Going Alternative? – A recent rumor states that Britney Spears is reportedly going to be leaning more towards the alternative genre on her upcoming album. It looks as though she could be playing around with the idea, according to sources that are close with her. The news was leaked by a music publisher for Estonian pop singer Kerli in a live chat on Kyte TV yesterday. The publisher was asked about the upcoming album, he had said that Britney is taking a look at several songs that she might record that have more of an electronic or alternative feel to them. The music producer added that the songs are “very different” from the previous singles that Britney has released.

There is also news that Britney is working with the producer Rusko, who helped M.I.A. craft her recent single titled “XXXO”. Earlier last week Britney’s management released a statement that touched on the turmoil in her relationship with her agent and boyfriend Jason Trawick. In the statement, they made sure to mention the upcoming album,saying that Britney Spears was “busy in the studio working on her next album.”

The news is a little shocking, as Britney is still in the middle of trying to repair her image after a recent mental break down led to a number of wild actions by the star, including the infamous image of a bald headed Spears hitting a sport utility vehicle with an umbrella.