Oklahoma Tornado:Oklahoma City News


Oklahoma Tornado:Oklahoma City News – Fatal and violent storms have been ripping through the southern plains in recent days. The tornadoes have reportedly killed five people and have injured dozens more as they made their way along the southern region of the country. In their wake they left leveled homes, broken semitrailers and downed power lines, leaving much of the region without electricity. Several other tornadoes were also reported in Oklahoma and Kansas on Monday as the storms continued to move through the area. They dumped large amounts of hail, with some reports stating that the hail was as large as baseballs.

“The kids and I got in the closet and prayed,” said Jamie Keyes, of Norman, an Oklahoma City suburb that is home to the University of Oklahoma. “I heard a hiss. It was like something was whistling very loud.”
Oklahoma City Deputy Fire Chief Cecil Clay has said that he has not ruled out the possibility of finding more individuals who were killed in the violent Tornado’s and storms in recent days.
“We have heavy fog and power lines down making it difficult to see all the hazards out there. We’ll wait for more sunshine to resume our search.”
Four neighborhoods in the region have been closed because of gas leaks, downed power lines, unsafe debris and other dangerous materials. Two of the people were killed in Oklahoma City, and the other three were killed further out in Cleveland County, just south of the main city. The two individuals who died in the city were a young boy who was hit by heavy debris, and a man who’s recreational vehicle flipped over on top of him.