Justin Bieber And Charice On Oprah


Justin Bieber And Charice On Oprah – Pop Star Justin Bieber has been a hot commodity in recent weeks. On May 11, he will be appearing on the Oprah Winfrey Show. The leading day time talk show has been able to help several music stars launch successful careers in past years. In fact, Charice, the other singing guest that will be appearing alongside Bieber has a large amount of her success herself. She was asked to appear on the show after several of the show’s producers had watched videos of her singing popular songs on YouTube. They were so impressed with the young woman that they asked her to make an appearance on the popular daytime talk show. After appearing on the talk show, Charice had a number of offers on the table from record companies. She has gone on to become a huge international pop success.

Winfrey asked Bieber, “Did you dream of this happening to you?” Bieber responded humbly, bit it was apparent that his recent fame has been a bit of a shock to the rising pop star. Bieber tweeted several hours before the taping;
“Just got to say that Oprah is real nice down to earth person. She even came back after the show to talk with everyone. She is incredible. And she made by grandpa cry. He went all water works in the crowd.”
Bieber would go on to say that he was honored to be invited to appear on the show, and went to say that he was looking forward to appearing again some day.