Justin Bieber New Album To Be Recorded In New York


Justin Bieber New Album To Be Recorded In New York – According to reports, Justin Bieber will be recording his next album in New York. His most recent album, My World 2.0, reached number one on the charts thanks to the success of some of his hit singles. However, many fans are already craving more Bieber, so he has started plans for his next album. Bieber will be engaging in a tour all summer long that will take him across the world, and likely will not have all that much time to begin recording his next album until after he is finished with all of his concerts.

The 16 year old pop sensation will likely be a high profile presence in New York during his stay. According to reports, representatives for Bieber have already filed the necessary paperwork with the studios to reserve recording time for the singer.

Bieber’s record label, Universal, filed a petition with the Manhattan Supreme Court for a judge’s permission to get its latest contract with the singing sensation approved ahead of schedule. Apparently the label would like to ensure that Bieber is under contract for the foreseeable future sooner rather than later, and who can blame them with all of the success that Bieber has had in recent months.
“Justin is providing his services as a recording artist in recording studios located in New York City,” the petition read. “The foregoing services rendered by the minor shall not, however, require excessive time as to interfere with the minor’s education and welfare.”