Americans Support Immigration Reform & Border Security


Americans Support Immigration Reform & Border Security – Polls have shown that there are close to two thirds of Americans that want the government to do a better job when it comes to securing the border around the United States. However, those same people seem to be forgiving to the illegal immigrants that have come to America and are working hard to support their families. Americans seem to be welcoming to the people that come to work, don’t get involved in bad habits and stay out of trouble. The USA Today/Gallup Poll has shown a lot of promising results when it comes to immigration reform and discovering what the people in America truly want.

The poll concluded that close to 8 of every 10 Americans feel that illegal immigrants bring down society especially in schools, hospital and government services. 77% of people in America agree that illegal immigrants are bringing down wages for the citizens of the country. However, that same 77% of people feel that enforcing strict laws and securing the border would mean that the illegal immigrants who have families and have done quite well in the United States would have to leave.This contradiction has made immigration reform a tough topic to cover and as Americans remain sympathetic towards the situation, Obama is left with tough decision where he has to cater toward a side in the matter. Jimenez said to reporters, “On the one hand, they don’t like the idea that people are breaking our immigration laws, that it appears we have a southern border that is out of control. On the other hand, they think the people coming here who work hard, who have dreams of a better life, are really participating in an American tradition that is as old as this country.”