National Star Wars Day


National Star Wars Day – According to Lucasfilm, National Star Wars Day is to be celebrated on May 25. This day marks the release of the epic space opera in 1977. This day was already occupied occupied by Towel Day, which is a tribute to author Douglas Adams, another science fiction novelist. While this may create a small rivalry between Star Wars and A Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy, a novel that was written by Douglas Adams and later adapted into a movie, some fans have started to celebrate Star Wars Day on May 4 instead.
Facebook has been filled with “May the 4th be with you!” wishes all day long, among other quotes from the show. Other popular quotes that haves been used to commemorate Star Wars Day include;
“I have a bad feeling about this.” – Quoted from a number of different characters throughout the films. This phrase was used to foreshadow upcoming events, and was used in all of the movies in the Star Wars saga.
“It’s a trap!” – Quoted from Admiral Ackbar, in “Return of the Jedi.” Ackbar first said when it has become clear that the Rebel Alliances has been ambushed by the Empire.
“Do. Or do Not. There is no try.” – Quoted from Yoda, in “The Empire Strikes Back.” This quote has become immensely popular since the Star Wars movies were released. The words are said to Luke Skywalker as Yoda trains him for his impending battle with Darth Vader.
“I am your father.” – Quoted from Darth Vader. The quote is the most popular quote from the whole series, because this is the point where the big twist was revealed; Darth Vader is actually Luke Skywalker’s father! It was a shocker at the time, but has lost its potency over the decades because of widespread references from a wide range of different movies and television shows.