Justin Bieber Going Public High School?


Justin Bieber Going Public High School? – When Justin Bieber went on a trip to New Zealand just this week he saw what comes with the territory when you are a famous child star. Just Bieber is the latest teen phenomenon and his fame follows him no matter what country he’s in. At the New Zealand aiport Justin was completely surrounded by hundreds of heart racing teenage girls that wanted to see him as best they could. Justin was practically mobbed by all of the over excited fans. In the end, his hat was stolen from him and the huge crowd of teenage girls was so anxious to get in for a better look that they knocked his mother down to the floor. Bieber reacted to the situation calmly but with frustration. He Tweeted about it on his Twitter page informing everyone of his disappointment. He said, “The airport was crazy…. Come on people.” He even managed to get the fan who stole his hat to return it to him by expressing his anger with the situation. Then Justin came online once more to say “I got my hat back. No hugs. No thank you’s. Just glad they did the right thing. I don’t condone theivery!”

Things were beginning to look like Bieber was not quite as happy as he has always been with his claim to fame. While the childhood star is raking in the millions, he seems to be rather overwhelmed with his fame. After all, it was only a couple years ago that he was just a regular boy living in Canada. He used to post videos on the Internet of his favorite songs where he would sing to his visitors on YouTube. However, his frustration his leading him to a pursue public high school opportunities. He has his eye on Thousand Oaks High School in California but the schools counselor said to reporters “I’ve heard the rumor, but that is all I know right now.” Things still remain unconfirmed by Bieber.