GOP Senators On Immigration Reform


GOP Senators On Immigration Reform – There are three specific lawmakers from Tennessee and Georgia that want to see national attention be placed on immigration reform. The lawmakers have stated that now is the time to act. Some democratic lawmakers brought a new legislation just this Thursday which would reform the immigration laws in the United States. Senator Dick Durbin spoke out on the recent laws set in place in Arizona that would allow police to stop suspects who look “reasonably suspicious” and arrest them. This really left congress with quite the predicament and now immigration reform has been put at the front of agendas. Congress has been pushing for a complete makeover to immigration laws which we should see implemented rather quickly.
Senator Durbin spoke out about the issue saying “It’s worth quoting what the Arizona association of the chiefs of police have said: ‘We strongly urge the U.S. Congress to immediately initiate the necessary steps to begin the process of comprehensively addressing the immigration issue, to provide solutions that are fair, logical and equitable.'”

Senator Corker has a different point of view clearly recognizable from his reaction, “We know, because of what we tried to do back in 2007, that trying to deal with the immigration issue, particularly those that are here illegally today, is not practical because we still haven’t sealed the border,” Sen. Chambliss said. “And until you secure the border, trying to really have an overall reform package on immigration just simply can’t be done.”
However, Senator Johnny Isakson says that economic problems need to be pushed to the front and that immigration reform can wait. “I believe Congress needs to focus right now on legislation that will create jobs, address our economic issues and allow for responsible domestic energy exploration and expansion so we can reduce our dependence on foreign oil.”

The recent law in Arizona state has brought the controversy to the front lines. Now lawmakers have a nationwide controversy to settle. Meanwhile, activists are marching on the streets in Arizona to give rights back to illegal immigrants and put an end to the law. Many police in the state are speaking out on their own and saying that they “refuse to enforce the law.”