Who Won The Mayweather Mosley Fight? Shane Mosley vs Floyd Maywather Jr. Result


Who Won The Mayweather Mosley Fight? Shane Mosley vs Floyd Maywather Jr. Result – Floyd Mayweather and Shane Mosley will put on an excellent show during their fight at the MGM Grand. The odds favor Mayweather over Mosley, even though both fighters are well trained and look to be an excellent shape for the upcoming fight. Mosley, who is currently the welterweight champion, will be taking on the undefeated Floyd Mayweather in the upcoming fight. Mosley has said that he hopes to be able to over come the excellent defense of Mayweather on route to a victory. The experts have stated that Mayweather will likely have speed on his side, as he is notorious for throwing speedy jabs that do not give the defender time to properly defend themselves.

“Speed, overcome speed. I have a lot of speed as well and I think my jab, just be able to go in front of him and patch all day long,” Mosley said during the weigh-in. “I’m very good with the movement, with my speed, my power, everything is to fall in line.”
Mosley weighed in at 147 lbs, just one pound heavier than Mayweather did. Mayweather was relatively quiet during the early goings of the weigh in, but eventually did weigh in on what he has to do in order to win. “May the best man win. I’m pretty sure Shane feels deep in his heart and deep in his soul he’s ganna win and I feel the same way. That makes it a mega fight.”

Mosley responded by saying “That’s what people misinterpret about me. They think I’m just a puncher. I’, not just a puncher, I’m a boxer too as well. I start as a boxer when I was just an amateur then I end up becoming a puncher so I can knock out everybody so we could go into business.”

Mayweather won the fight by an unanimous decision and took home a grand prize of $ 22.5 Million.
Following the fight, Mayweather said:
“It’s about taking this sport to another level, and being an icon in the sport of boxing. I’m the face of boxing.” “I gave the fans what they came here to see, which was a toe-to-toe battle. That’s not my style, but I wanted to give them that kind of fight, and I knew I could do it.”