Sarah Palin Slams Obama,Democrats


Sarah Palin Slams Obama,Democrats – Sarah Palin was staying quiet for a week or so but she has gotten back into her “anti-Obama” role and on Saturday she attended a gathering of conservative activists where she told everyone in the audience that America needs a change. She’s running the same campaign Obama did, telling the audience of 1,500 that American needs to seek out a change from the “hopey changey stuff” that took place in the 2008 election. President Obama wasn’t very far from the event, only about 60 miles away as he was staying in Ann Arbor. Sarah Palin managed to remain extremely critical of Obama and everything that he does. However, she did manage to criticize Democrats entirely by attacking their news media and defending the American Dream Summit.

As you might guess, the audience filled with conservatives seemed to agree with what she was saying. In fact, everyone seemed rather passionate about what she was saying. Sarah Palin created 2012 T-shirts that promoted the election for Republicans to take over in the office. The T-shirts were $20 and they seemed to be selling really well amongst those who attended the summit. A lot of them comments that they would rather Palin keep going as a spokeswoman than to see her run for President or enter in the electoral process once again. Palin might see things differently but nothing is clear as of yet. Her message to the crowd was very typical to what we’ve heard before. The usual stick with your common sense and gut instinct, conservative values and the constitution should always be upheld. They want to fight against health care reform and promote a better America and more determined military system.