Luis Gutierrez Arrested Immigration Rally


Luis Gutierrez Arrested Immigration Rally – A representative was arrested yesterday at an immigration rally. A number of United States flags waved above the venue, where a group rallied against Arizona’s tough new immigration laws. The group is pushing for nation wide immigration reform, and many of those who were protesting were in favor of the plans that had previously been drawn up by George Bush. May 1st is traditionally a rallying day for individuals who are hoping for reform of the immigration laws in the country. Many have stated that the recent law that was enacted by Arizona was really unjust. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has stated that the law is necessary because the federal government has failed to address the problems at the border and other problems that are centered around immigration inside of the United States.

“Does my face look illegal?” one sign stated at the rally. The rally was able to bring together thousands of people who are fighting for immigration reform in the country. Karen Rayner, a spokeswomen for the Los Angeles Police Department has said that over 50,000 people were taking part in the march at the peak. There were no arrests during the march, and by all accounts the scene remained peaceful throughout. There were over 20 arrests at a rally in Washington today. One of those arrests was a U.S. congressman, Luis Gutierrez, a democrat from Illinois. He was among a group of protesters who were arrested for blocking the sidewalk outside of the White House. They stated that their act was one of disobedience and that they were not attempting to make their protests violent in any way. Many of the protesters who were arrested were wearing shirts that stated “arrest me, not my friends.”