Microsoft Expert Zone Halo Reach Beta Codes


Microsoft Expert Zone Halo Reach Beta Codes – Apparently Microsoft Expert Zone crashed but was only down for a short while which was just after they started to freely give out Halo Reach Beta codes. As you might expect, these codes are in huge demand so anyone that has the opportunity to get a free code is going to use it. All you have to do to receive your free Halo Reach Beta code is fill out a short quiz. If you missed the USA Today Halo Reach Beta code giveaway where thousands of Halo Reach Beta codes were handed out to gamers, Microsoft Expert Zone might be the perfect opportunity for what you missed.

The registration process takes only a moment and once you are signed up you can then fill out a quiz or possible two quizzes. Make sure you enter your actual information for the best chance of getting accepted. In case they contact you, you want to be prepared. Once you’ve done this the code will probably be emailed to you immediately. There has been some tips for the answers to the quizzes given away online. Some of them are a bit confusing so in order to get your Halo Reach Beta code and start gaming, you might need the help.

The best advice we can give you is just to fill out the information that the quiz asks for as accurately as possible. Once you have finished one quiz, move onto the next and continue to do this until you receive your code. Some sites will even let you keep earning points by playing games or quiz’s so that you can earn more than one Halo Reach Beta code.